Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally! - they say...

I know what everyone is thinking..."Finally!"

A lot has happened in a year and for most people who know us already know what went on in that year, but let's do a quick recap! I'll follow up with seperate blogs of each event so everybody knows all about it. With pictures!

Ben came home safe from deployment! Rulon had his 2nd Birthday complete with Cars theme! Merritt and Ben celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary and Merritt's 24th Birthday! Ben turned 28! Aryka had her Princess Birthday Bash for her 4th Birthday! Merritt's parents came on Oct. 20th to help with the arrival of the new baby and to see the bigger ones! Happy Halloween! Lille Grace arrived on Nov. 10 at 4:33pm! Thanksgiving with nanny, poppa, and the Gregg's! Nanny and Poppa go back to T or C! Yay, It's Christmas! Happy New Year! Lille growing up so fast and the olders just love her! Lille's first taste of real people food!

Ok, there's the recap! So check back and there will be more blogs to come a lot sooner rather than later!



Lille is beautiful!! (No surprise there with such beautiful parents and siblings!) Congrats!! I can't believe Aryka is already 4! WOW time sure does fly! Her hair has gotten so long! It is gorgeous!! I hope that life is going great for you it sure sounds like it! Your in our thoughts and prayers!

living life said...

*GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!* merritt! you LIVE!!!!! :D oh sweet lille, when do you get to come home so i can see that sweet girl huh?
anywho. give rulon hugs for me i know i missed his birthday, yours i think i missed to, ( sorry you know me im as bad with dates as i am with names... at least i remember your Merritt..:D

Yvette said...

Hey Friends

just guess who is writing... Here is Yvette. Maybe you remember me(I hope so;))It´s been a long time since my mission over in K-town. I often thinking of you guy´s, but I never found you somewhere at the internet. But now I hope that I am right and can get in contact with you. It´s been a long time and I was asking myself what you where doing the last couple of years. Your kids are so gorgeous. I miss you guy´s. Aryka is already so tall. I can´t belive thats almost 4 years ago. Please write back. I would love to talk to you. Yvette

Yvette Bachmayer
Salzburgerstr. 6
4053 Haid

Heidi Pinckard said...

Where have you guys been for the last 6 years? I have sent e-mails and called, but I must not have the right information for you. I would love to talk to you guys and see how everything is going. If you have a chance you can e-mail me at, or check out our blog at
I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! I see so much of Ben when he was little in their faces, especially Aryka!
I hope to hear from you!
Heidi (Ben's cousin)

hopy said...

Cute little boy, he looks so cute, I love him