Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally! - they say...

I know what everyone is thinking..."Finally!"

A lot has happened in a year and for most people who know us already know what went on in that year, but let's do a quick recap! I'll follow up with seperate blogs of each event so everybody knows all about it. With pictures!

Ben came home safe from deployment! Rulon had his 2nd Birthday complete with Cars theme! Merritt and Ben celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary and Merritt's 24th Birthday! Ben turned 28! Aryka had her Princess Birthday Bash for her 4th Birthday! Merritt's parents came on Oct. 20th to help with the arrival of the new baby and to see the bigger ones! Happy Halloween! Lille Grace arrived on Nov. 10 at 4:33pm! Thanksgiving with nanny, poppa, and the Gregg's! Nanny and Poppa go back to T or C! Yay, It's Christmas! Happy New Year! Lille growing up so fast and the olders just love her! Lille's first taste of real people food!

Ok, there's the recap! So check back and there will be more blogs to come a lot sooner rather than later!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In going through old photos on our computer, Merritt discovered the Finch children fall asleep in the strangest places, and positions.

On the couch, sitting up.

At least he's in a bed. Even partly dressed as he is. Notice the one shoe he has on?

Under our computer desk.

Aryka couldn't even wait to finish her lunch.

Rulon on top of all his toys. He had actually made a pile to sleep on.

Merritt remembers this picture. Ben had just left for work and Aryka had been crying at the gate between the living room and hallway. She really wore herself out.

Rulon inside his toybox, on top of his toys.

I know I wish I could sleep anywhere like that...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dum Dum Dessert

Aryka and Rulon got Dum Dums for dessert tonight and had such a fun time eating them. Rulon chose banana for his and all we heard was CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! In the time it took to take a few pictures he was completely done with his sucker. He can't savor them like Aryka. He has to bite and crunch until its gone! At least he throws away the stick when he's done.
Aryka, on the other hand, likes to take her time when she gets a sucker. It takes a while for it to be going...going...and then to be gone...
Merritt doesn't like to give the kids suckers because they like to go all over the place and touch everything with their sticky little hands. And then Merritt has to find everywhere they touched and take a clorox wipe to it. But isn't that the way of having kids?